- The California Soccer Park -
To connect communities, enrich lives and inspire families,
teams and athletes through high quality experiences.

A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Sporting Facility

Our Core Values
Community  | Welcoming and including all, through healthy activities.
Development  | Growing the California Soccer Park and those who benefit from its use.
Quality  | Delivering excellence through innovation and collaboration in a safe environment.
Teamwork  | Fostering respect, competition and accountability.


To read more about our facility itself, visit our California Soccer Park page.

Shasta Regional Soccer Association, doing business as the California Soccer Park is a nonprofit organization with a volunteer board that operates and maintains the soccer park.

President: Bryan Erickson
Secretary: Brian Salado
Treasurer: Paul Kassis
Board Members
Matt Pinnell

Keith Stewart
Mike Littau


California Soccer Park Staff

Executive Director: Chad New
530-221-2344 ext. 100
Programs and Sales: Bianca Garcia
530-221-2344 ext. 102
Maintenance Supervisor: Jonathon Schroeder 
530-221-2344 ext. 104
Programs Director: Steve Hofferber
530-221-2344 ext. 105
Marketing Director: Noah Baker
530-221-2344 ext. 106